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NTSPP Advocacy, Charity & Education Fund

This fund was the brain child of past NTSPP President and Treasurer Rege Stewart MD, and was set up originally so psychiatrists could  honor both deceased and living area psychiatrists by donating to NTSPP good works.  The fund is used for three purposes:
  1. To fund events benefiting the mentally ill and their families which may be pro-advocacy, educational and/or charitable.

  2. To fund the educational development of residents and medical students, costs of invited guests, primarily psychiatry residents, fellows, medical students and occasionally community leaders invited at our monthly dinner program meetings AND/OR

  3. To sponsor the NTSPP public service website HERE FOR TEXAS (formerly NORTH TEXAS HELP).
We view the recruitment and education of residents and medical students as an integral part of our ACE mission, yet since we are totally self-supporting; we need to raise extra money to subsidize these activities.

We view the chance to visit with and achieve solidarity with community leaders interested in our patients and their families as valuable indeed for advocacy and education.

We now offer the option to honor a colleague, loved one, admired community activist or organization.

In addition to recognizing both donors and honorees in the newsletter and on the website, the honored person or organization will also be notified of the donation of honor.  Since you will receive no tangible benefit and your contribution will go exclusively to ACE events, your donation is 100% tax deductible.

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